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Wrinkles and lines and dryness, oh my!

Do you have a passion for healthy-looking beautiful skin? Me too! The products I have used have filled drawers, cases, and cosmetic bags! The money spent on taking care of my skin might equally be considered excessive by some! Yet if you are like me, you continue to look for that perfect compliment to aging gracefully and continue to own my “unique look” regardless of age.

No matter what your favorite cosmetic or skincare items might be the fact is beauty and healthy skin starts below the surface, and many products just don't get there! A healthy diet, moisturizer, and sunscreen are necessities as well, but how do you maintain beautiful skin in the Florida sun?

A monthly facial works wonders. Supporting your skincare regimen by improving the effectiveness of your product and ultimately the appearance of your skin, a facial can clear the skin, preparing your face and neck for the maximum benefit from your products. But often it seems the signs of aging, skin issues or a loss of tone and texture challenge us regardless of how often we get to the spa, or what we use religiously on our face.

In the battle to stay looking beautiful, despite environmental impacts, aging, and health concerns, there are many products and procedures available to the average person. Botox, fillers, and facelifts are multi-million dollar businesses. And laser products have become big businesses in the marketplace, making it confusing to know what to do or what to use.

I have personally tried it all, and then some! So....Enter the Shiwa Therapy Facial Laser Treatment

This laser became a part of my therapy business because it does what it says it will do! Tightens, tones and improves the appearance of fine lines, with 3 different modalities of treatment, the emphasis is to get deep and improve the cellular structure of your skin!

My “smile lines”, double chin, and dry skin are gone!

How!? I spent 10 sessions on a combo of neck, face, and eye treatments. Far less than other expensive and invasive treatments, this works! And because every month I spend 30 minutes using this treatment as maintenance, I literally see the improvement from years of sun exposure and chronic dryness, my face looks and feels amazing!

I am not trying to look 45 again! I understand I will have wrinkles as I age, and I am good with that fact! But tighter and more healthy skin makes me happy!

So if you have a curiosity or a desire to improve your skin and keep your skin in amazing condition contact me! It's fast, it works and it makes a difference!

Beauty from the inside is easy! Contact me!



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