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Our monthly review: Detox and tighten your skin

Laser Lipo, Detox and Toning your Body: Sandra Tillett

So do you look in the mirror and see things you would like to change? Do you know how common that is? And if you have ever wished you could eliminate the bulge in your belly, slim your thighs or decrease the bat wings under your arms, you’re not alone. Clearly exercise and diet can do a lot and will get you pretty far with your goals, but sometimes the body just needs a little extra help. That is where we can help you! There is a secret that many of the rich and famous take advantage of, and now it’s here in Punta Gorda

Laser Lipo can attack those tough spots, the places that you want to sculpt, with no down time, no needles and no pain! I don’t advocate being obsessed with your body’s appearance. Healthy and strong is what matters. So, what really sold me were my own results. I had basically plateaued over the last decade, same weight less collagen and elastin, sagging and things shifting, I basically became uncomfortable. In January I started my own treatments and got results I couldn’t get with diet and exercise alone. I move easier, look more like myself, and while my 60 something body will never be my 50 something body, I am great with how it feels today! So I looked more closely into the technology and listening to others found their stories we similar. People were loosing inches, tighten their skin and improving

their overall appearance, with absolutely no downtime. Eating healthy, working out and Laser Lipo Treatments compliment each other easily, and while everyone has different results, overwhelmingly I get positive feedback from everyone who tries these treatments. So if you’re looking to improve your body, finding ease in movement, improved tone and texture of the skin and just feeling better and stay healthy, call me for a consultation!

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